Judge – Movie One (SPAIN)

movie one

High competition event, with qualifying phases in more than thirty countries, where the world’s breaking elite is measured. To win that competition, it can be said that it is the dream of the majority of bboys.
The year 2006 was held in the city of Sao Paulo and I was invited, together with Sisi Booguie, to do an exhibition battle against two Brazilian b.girls. So far, it has been the only female representation in this event.

As a result of our representation in Brazil, I was invited to make another exhibition at the R16 Korea, another big event organized in Seoul. Without a doubt, one of the most mediatic events and with a very high level of competition.
That year they wanted to make the b.girls of their country known and invited several others to do a demonstration together.

THE GATHERING. Oslo, 2007.
Exclusive event by lo undergound. With only one edition. It was a meeting organized by and for people of the culture, with the intention of sharing a while with other students of the break.

IBE. The Netherlands.
One of the most beloved and internationally attended events of all time (along with Battle of the Year).
The best representatives from Europe, Asia and the USA fight in a duel of titans. In 2009 I participated in this event held in Holland, together with the European dream team.

International gathering to celebrate Hip Hop. With workshops, exhibitions, round tables and an endless number of activities. I contributed my knowledge in talks and classes.

This event is a classic that nobody wants to miss. The finals are held every year in different states in the USA.
The year 2009 was celebrated in Atlanta and I was invited to fight against another of my great rivals, this time Japanese, b.girl Narumi.

SUPER JAM. Stockholm, 2010.
Social event, with the sole objective of making the movement known.

This event is held every two years as a celebration of the anniversary of the Combo, a cultural house dedicated to Hip Hop in all its branches. For three days, a large « family » gathers in tents to celebrate their birthdays and create Hip Hop with people from other countries…
I have been a part of this celebration since 2007 and for me it is a source of inspiration.