Judge – Mounir (FRANCE)


Emblematic captain of the most successful Breakdance team in the world, Mounir has become a reference in this field within Vagabond Crew and now has one of the highest rankings. After more than 20 years of practice, Mounir has established himself as one of the most experienced dancers with the highest performance. He demonstrated that only thorough, thoughtful and permanent work could achieve such performance. From his early years, he learned the diligence, rigour and patience that are necessary for a champion’s longevity. A mental preparer, today Mounir travels the world in search of diversity, artistic and sporting excellence. It inspires the world’s youth and operates in more than 50 countries. Dancers, athletes, students or entrepreneurs, all are concerned and that is why Mounir accompanies them in order to achieve their objectives and assists them in their personal, professional and/or sporting development. He meets them through his conferences and his speeches. This is an opportunity for these young people to become aware of their full potential and to regain confidence in their future.