phill one

Phil Fourmarier-Garfinkels known as’ Philone ‘or’ Fourmi ‘grew up with the Hip-Hop culture and after having had the opportunity to obtain material, Philone trained in the art of DJing to practice another discipline of Hip Hop Culture and then participated in the first disc project ‘Rap’ of Belgium ‘BRC Volume 1 ‘.Brussels Rap Convention becomes the reference of Rap ‘in French’ in Belgium and the group turns on the national level and even abroad until 1997.Being a true enthusiast of this Hip-Hop culture and even calling himself ‘The Hip-Hop Fanatic’,.His desire is to help, educate and convey the message of Hip-Hop culture and that’s how with Defi J, Chuck, Papis (RIP) and others, he decides, with the approval Afrika Bambaataa, set up in 1991 the ‘Chapter’ Belgian Universal Zulu Nation.