Photo Congo

Central African collaboration project was started by the world-reknowned B-Boy « Lilou », his « Street Off » Association from Lyon and in collaboration with Hip Hop actors of « Battle Keep On Breaking » from Cameroon, from Congo « One Bboy Battle » together with Bboy Waz and with B-Boy Junior.
In 2019, B-Boy Poxy from Cameroon took part in both « Hip Hop in the making » and BOTY International.
A qualifying project in the 1vs1 category to be held in Kinshassa on the 4t of august is currently in preparation in collaboration with le « One Boy Battle» Festival and the Fubu Danse Crew.
The aim of these first collaborations is to set-up a 2020/2022 program with all actors in perntership with various French Institutes of each country within the area.