Over a three year period since 2018, the associations Village Titan from Reunion Island and Hip Hop Evolution from Mayotte teamed-up to structure the development of Hip Hop in these two Overseas Departments. Supported by both the Reunion Island Prefecture and the DRJSCS, this structuring focuses on a strong inter regional communication link which has enabled collaboration with South Africa and Madagascar leading to actions favouring the exchange between youth of these different cultures.
Working with Battle Of The Year France and International, as well as enabling crews and Bboys from South Africa and Madagascar to partake in the International BOTY 2018, this structuring project has led to an even bigger project of structuring within the area, which will start at the beginning of 2019 and go on through to 2022.
2019 is dedicated to implementing of the collaborative steps between the operators from these four territories with the French Istitutes in both South Africa and Madagascar, with a view of forecasting the actions to be led form 2020 to 2022.