program, with the organisation of a first training session from 20th to 30th mai in Buenos Aires. The program took place in the Recoleta Cultural Center and brought together 27 dancers and organisers from all over Spanish speaking Latin America, providing them with training in the field of creation, transmission and setting-up a cultural project.
The program continues through the second half 2019 for the celebrations of 14th July organised by the French ambassador to Buenos Aires. It will see the intervention of the choregrapher from Montpellier, Virgile Dagneux (Cie Virgule) accompanied by the argentine choreographer Edardo Mercado. The project will involve dancers of the May 2019 training scheme as well as ballet dancers from Théâtre San Martin of Buenos Aires. Prepartion will involve a 10 day residency training scheme, culminating in a one-off performance at the Théâtre San Martin of Buenos Aires on the 13 th July.
A third work session is programmed in November 2019 with the objective of creating a performance bringing together a part of the dancers who took part in the first two sessions.