Judges/ MC's / DJ's

Judge Taisuke (Japan)

judge taisuke

Taisuke started dancing in 1997 under his sister’s influence. He got into B-Boying in 1998 when his teacher showed him a windmill when he visited his dance club for the first time – this is when he became a B-Boy.

Breaking represents his whole life and made him become who he is today. It is important for him to not get carried way by others and to also stay true loyal to his own style. Taisuke’s unique style makes him almighty, so he can do more or less anything, including his signature move: DEF AIR.

He battled in multiple Red Bull BC One events over the past years (2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014) and for the world final in Nagoya this year, he wants to come out from the competition saying he has put his best effort into this, and he doesn’t have a strategy for it. He will capitalize on his strong mentality.

Judge Niek (NL)

judge niek

Niek found his love for dancing at the age of 14. Driven by this passion he finished VWO at the age of 18, and decided to focus on his career as a dancer instead of continuing to study.

He soon took to the international Breaking circuit, and now belongs to the top Bboys world- wide. Known for his energetic style and stagepresence, he has won some of the biggest com- petitions such as R16, IBE, Hip Opsession, Battle Of The Year, UK Bboy Championships, and stood in the final of the Red Bull BC One. Together with his crew The Ruggeds he travels the world, performing shows, and entering competitions.

He is one of the founders, and the current owner of World Bboy Classic, the largest 2VS2 Bboy Competition in the world, and the creator of the Kozen System, a judge system that creates more transparency in dance competitions. First used on all major bboy tournaments, during the first edition of Undisputed. A tournament covering the ten largest break competitions in the world.

Besides still being an active competitor he’s been developing his work in entertainment, film and theatre. His versatility, and understanding of various aspects of productions, provided him with a long of work; He danced on stage with artists such as Madonna, and performed inf front of 50.000 people at the Closing Ceremony of the Euro- pean Olympics.

Niek first took up the role as an Artistic Director in 2016, for the critcally acclaimed theater piece ‘Adrenaline’ by The Ruggeds. A project in which he was involved in almost all of the crea- tive aspects, from art to stage design, choreography and direction.

In his city Eindhoven he is involved in Rugged Studio. A danceschool run by his crew, that approaches teaching streetstyles from a cultural perspective, providing space for new talented dancers to improve, and follow in their footsteps.

Judge Poe One (USA)

Judge Poe One 2flou

Puerto Rican born Poe One lives in Los Angeles and is a member of Rock So Fresh, Zulu Kingz, and Style Elements crew. Poe is active as dancer, teacher, judge and also as event promoter in his country and all over the world. He has been member of the jury at several big international events such as the Battle of the Year or the Red Bull BC ONE 2005. Poe is well known for his excellent teaching skillz so he is also travelling the world holding dancing masterclasses and workshops.

Judge Storm (Germany)

Judge Storm 2flou

Storm started dancing as a little child, but seriously caught on to the dances B-boying, Popping and Locking at the age of 14. He started his professional carreer in 1984 touring through clubs throughout north Germany for a youth magazine tour called « Bravo ». « Breakdancesensation 84 ». Soon after that, the ‘Breakdance’ fashion died out, but Storm simply ignored the fact. He kept on studying styles, got connected with other B-boy remnants and stayed creative and productive throughout the times when Breaking was considered obsolete. By today Storm is held responsable in large parts for the worldwide cultural reoccurrence of Breaking. The following facts tell you how.

By 1991 « the Battle Squad » his multinational crew with members in Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany was one of the leading B-boy groups worldwide and thanx to them and others, the art of B-boying is so alive and strong these days. In 1991 and 1992 him and his crew Battle Squad won the « international Balle of the year ». During the same period he was hosting the HipHop Magazine ‘Freestyle’ on the german TV channel Viva.

Briefly after quitting the job in early 1996, he decided to form a dance company in his hometown Berlin, which was called the ‘Storm and Jazzy Project’

Nowadays Storm also choreographs and directs for different theaters and institutions all over the world. He also choreographed for the opening ceremonies of the « Expo 2000 » in Hannover and the « FIFA soccer world cup 2006 in Germany »

Judge Karima (France)

judge karima

A pioneer in B’girling in France, she meets hip hop culture at Bataclan in 1983.

She frequents the places and places where hip hop takes root, then convinced of the power of this expression, she engages in bboying (dance on the ground) in 1988. She makes her first scenes alongside the rapper B.Love then she joined the legendary group Aktuel Force in 1989. At the time, she said, there was no girl so we had to make a place, conquer the dance floor, impose his style and express his ideas.
Karima goes on tour all over France, Europe, North and West Africa. These stage performances are often accompanied by internships for young enthusiasts from these different continents.
For several years, she has contributed to the transmission of hip hop culture to dancers of cities like Châteauvallon, Dieppe, Metz, Clermont-Ferrand and countless punctual interventions throughout the territory.

Since 1996, Karima regularly participates in bboying battle juries in France and Europe.

A full-fledged hero of the hip hop adventure, she never stops exploring and questioning hip hop dance. Since 2011, she has given dance lectures on the history of hip hop dance, surrounded by emblematic actors of the movement, workshops in penitentiary center for minors and devotes some workshops to amateur creation.
It is natural that it becomes, over the years and requests made to him, speaker for hip hop events.

Karima has participated in the emergence of hip hop, its recognition and its transmission and since then tirelessly defends its values ​​and its aesthetics.
Co-organizer with scred Scred contest contest Dance


DJ H 2flou

Dj H is a dj from the south of France, 24 years old. He began mixing at the age of 7 and started the break battles in 2015. His style is a pure mix of hip-hop and breakbeats. He has mixed for several events such as RedBull France, undisputed, Ibe, Battle of Vaulx, Monster Blaster BOTY France, Melting Cup, Chill in the city ..
His huge strength is his ease and technique on the art of scratching.

DJ Lean Rock (USA)

dj leanrock

DJ Lean Rock is one of the top bboy djs in the game. Lean Rock has been a b-boy for over 20 years and a DJ for 12. He goes the extra mile to dig for rare funky b-beats as well as producing tracks for dancers which have led him to gigs across the globe not to mention top battles including the Red Bull BC One, Battle of the Year, IBE, Freestyle Session, Silverback Open, Hip Opsession, World Bboy Classic, Outbreak and many more. Lean Rock carries on tradition to preserve both the b-boy and DJ elements of Hip Hop culture as well as bringing something new to the table

DJ Tajmahal (France)

dj taj

As one of the pioneers of French Hip Hop, Tajmahal started his DJ business in 1984, then Beatmaker in 1989. In addition to organizing a large number of hip hop events in the South of France, he is the official DJ from BOTY France for 15 years, but also from Juste Debout Monde in Bercy for 4 years.

MC Dstroy (USA)

Mc Dstroy 2flou

With a wealth of experience and diversified talent, D-Stroy has the ability to bond with all audiences. He is a natural entertainer, with an extraordinary personality. In 2018, David kicked it off hosting his 4th SuperBowl. He recently returned from NBA AllStar, where he hosted a 30 minute television special for NBAonTNT and wrapped up his 2nd year at hosting Yankee Stadium. Univision Network hired him to Write/Direct/Host his own comedic show, in which he would be nominated for “Best Host in a Comedy Web-Series” alongsideJerry Seinfeld and the late Joan Rivers. This year he completed 3 years as a sketch writer for SNL alumni, Amy Phoeler, along with garnering 2 nominations for “Best Actor” in 2 short films he co-wrote. Whether it’shosting his Radio Show on SiriusXM, an Arena or On-Screen, D-Stroy continues to entertain crowds and bring energy for all to remember.

MC Phil (Belgium)

Mc Phil 2flou

Phil Fourmarier-Garfinkels known as’ Philone ‘or’ Fourmi ‘grew up with the Hip-Hop culture and so in his 12s, he trains at B-Boyin’ (Breakdancing) with friends of his neighborhood and formed the ‘Dynamic 3’ with Dany and Daddy K becoming one of the best bands in Belgium from 1983 to 1989.
In 1989 and after having had the opportunity to obtain material, Philone trained in the art of DJing to practice another discipline of Hip Hop Culture and then participated in the first disc project ‘Rap’ of Belgium ‘BRC Volume 1 ‘.
Brussels Rap Convention becomes the reference of Rap ‘in French’ in Belgium and the group turns on the national level and even abroad until 1997.
Being a true enthusiast of this Hip-Hop culture and even calling himself ‘The Hip-Hop Fanatic’, Philone becomes quite pessimistic about the future of the movement and then decides to take a step back artistically to find himself behind the curtain so to help the evolution of Culture.
His desire is to help, educate and convey the message of Hip-Hop culture and that’s how with Defi J, Chuck, Papis (RIP) and others, he decides, with the approval Afrika Bambaataa, set up in 1991 the ‘Chapter’ Belgian Universal Zulu Nation.
Philone nevertheless continues to play as DJ in parties where he accompanies singers and rappers during their concerts, but his daily work for more than 25 years remains very focused on setting up events related to other Hip Hop Culture and wants to give this movement real recognition by the various authorities in place.

MC Trix (UK)

Mc Trix 2flou

It’s just the voice of the Battle Of The Year ……. Let’s the Battle begin …..

M Maleek (France)

Mc Maleek 2flou

Originally from Lille, Maleek and his group Pression.I animate all the north of France since about fifteen years. Activist rapper, he puts the atmosphere in the south for the Battle Of The Year France for 10 years now!