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Judge – Crumbs (USA)


Born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1979 but moved to Panama before the age of 1. He was raised there until the age of 10. In 1989 Panama became a war zone with the U.S. invading to depose a former ally Manuel Noriega. During that time his mother then relocated both he and his sister to Modesto, California in order to get them away from the chaos in Panama.
There in Modesto, California in 1992 is where Crumbs first saw Bboying and Freestyle dancing live. He then instantly got hooked into the world of dance. The 209 area of Modesto and Stockton, California was notoriously known for their incredible dance functions and in turn bred some amazing dancers with unique dance styles. In1993 Crumbs unified with some of these dancers and then in1994 they formed a crew together entitled Style Elements.
Crumbs was influenced by every single one of his Style Elements crew mates. He was also influenced by many Bboy legends such as SideWalk Breakers, Ken Swift, Crazy Legs, Mr. Wiggles, Storm, Orko, Lil Cesar, and Flo Master among others.
Crumbs has always had a complex approach to the art of Bboying. He is best known for his creative flow, intricate thread combinations and unique blow ups. He also contributed to a now popular style called stacking. Overall he has prided himself on always being as well-rounded as possible.
In 2003, Crumbs also became a member of another crew entitled Killafornia. This crew consisted of mostly the next generation of Bboys who were in some way, shape or form inspired by his original crew, Style Elements. So it’s of no surprise that Killafornia adapted to the Style Elements blue print and mind-set on the dance. This contributed in molding Killafornia into one of the best crews in the world.
In Crumbs career, he has accumulated over 100 1st place titles in some of the biggest national and international competitions. Those titles being both solo and crew competitions combined. Some notable title mentions are Freestyle Session 5 times, RadioTron 3 times, UK Championships 2 times, and Battle Of The Year with Crumbs also taking Best Dancer honors at that event. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Spy Award and has been awarded Most Creative Bboy and Best Crew at The Hip Hop Dance Awards. But for him it’s not about the wins and awards, it’s about the journey, lifestyle and tests.
Crumbs has consistently attacked both the underground and commercial worlds. His dedication and persistance in the dance has lead him to choreograph for some of the biggest names in the business. Artists such as Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot, Black Eyed Peas, and Christina Aguilera to name a few. He has been featured in major dance motion pictures You Got Served and How She Move. His dance has also led him into small acting roles in Sony Pictures Planet Bboy and Disney’s Step Up 2. Some commercials include McDonalds, Coke, Apple, Volkswagen, and Toyota. Crumbs is also a main character in Sony PlayStations Video Game entitled Bboy.

Judge – Neguin (BRAZIL) – Red Bull All Star


Bboy Neguin is the freshest export from Brazil and one of the most elite talents in Bboy history. He is recognized for his unique fusion of Capoeira acrobatics and breathtaking Bboy stunts. He has won countless awards and competitions and in 2010 won the most coveted Championships in the world UBC and Redbull BC One, making him officially the number one Bboy in the world. A feared competitor and versatile performer Bboy Neguin has toured with artists such as Madonna, Xzibit, Marcelo D2, Charlie Brown Jr. and 2009 stared and choreographed for the world tour of “Blaze”. In addition to Bboying Neguin is also a master of other dance styles such

Judge – Wing (KOREA) – Red Bull All Star


Red Bull BC One All Star and 2008 Red Bull BC One World Champion, Wing has been dancing for nearly half of his life and will battle in his 5th world final. His older brother, Skim, is his biggest influence. He watched Skim practice and was guided step-by-step through the foundations that made him the B-Boy he is today. For him, family and crew go hand in hand. He is deeply appreciative that his family is so supportive of him and his brother’s dedication to B-Boying. Wingand Skim are also members of Jinjo crew.
A well-rounded B-Boy, Wing started breaking at the young age of 12 and some of his favorite dancers were his fellow crewmembers, as well as B-Boy Vero, Hong10, K-Mel, Ronnie, Differ, Born, Cloud, Menno and Kid David. He likes to create highly detailed patterns of movement and incorporate complex combinations and flows into his dance while including all the aspects of B-Boying from footwork, to freezes to power moves. The name Wing comes from his mentors, it was inspired by the lightness of his hardcore moves. Wing lives and breathes B-Boying and wants to be a proper role model, spreading his message of mutual love and respect for each other in his country and beyond.

Judge – Mounir (FRANCE)


Emblematic captain of the most successful Breakdance team in the world, Mounir has become a reference in this field within Vagabond Crew and now has one of the highest rankings. After more than 20 years of practice, Mounir has established himself as one of the most experienced dancers with the highest performance. He demonstrated that only thorough, thoughtful and permanent work could achieve such performance. From his early years, he learned the diligence, rigour and patience that are necessary for a champion’s longevity. A mental preparer, today Mounir travels the world in search of diversity, artistic and sporting excellence. It inspires the world’s youth and operates in more than 50 countries. Dancers, athletes, students or entrepreneurs, all are concerned and that is why Mounir accompanies them in order to achieve their objectives and assists them in their personal, professional and/or sporting development. He meets them through his conferences and his speeches. This is an opportunity for these young people to become aware of their full potential and to regain confidence in their future.

Judge – Movie One (SPAIN)

movie one

High competition event, with qualifying phases in more than thirty countries, where the world’s breaking elite is measured. To win that competition, it can be said that it is the dream of the majority of bboys.
The year 2006 was held in the city of Sao Paulo and I was invited, together with Sisi Booguie, to do an exhibition battle against two Brazilian b.girls. So far, it has been the only female representation in this event.

As a result of our representation in Brazil, I was invited to make another exhibition at the R16 Korea, another big event organized in Seoul. Without a doubt, one of the most mediatic events and with a very high level of competition.
That year they wanted to make the b.girls of their country known and invited several others to do a demonstration together.

THE GATHERING. Oslo, 2007.
Exclusive event by lo undergound. With only one edition. It was a meeting organized by and for people of the culture, with the intention of sharing a while with other students of the break.

IBE. The Netherlands.
One of the most beloved and internationally attended events of all time (along with Battle of the Year).
The best representatives from Europe, Asia and the USA fight in a duel of titans. In 2009 I participated in this event held in Holland, together with the European dream team.

International gathering to celebrate Hip Hop. With workshops, exhibitions, round tables and an endless number of activities. I contributed my knowledge in talks and classes.

This event is a classic that nobody wants to miss. The finals are held every year in different states in the USA.
The year 2009 was celebrated in Atlanta and I was invited to fight against another of my great rivals, this time Japanese, b.girl Narumi.

SUPER JAM. Stockholm, 2010.
Social event, with the sole objective of making the movement known.

This event is held every two years as a celebration of the anniversary of the Combo, a cultural house dedicated to Hip Hop in all its branches. For three days, a large « family » gathers in tents to celebrate their birthdays and create Hip Hop with people from other countries…
I have been a part of this celebration since 2007 and for me it is a source of inspiration.



As one of the pioneers of French Hip Hop, Tajmahal started his DJ business in 1984, then Beatmaker in 1989. In addition to organizing a large number of hip hop events in the South of France, he is the official DJ from BOTY France for 15 years, but also from Juste Debout Monde in Bercy for 4 years.


dj h

Dj H is a 24-year-old dj from the South of France. He started mixing at the age of 7 and started break battles in 2015… His style is a pure mix of hip-hop and breakbeats… He has mixed for several events like RedBull France, undisputed, Ibe, Battle de Vaulx, Monster Blaster BOTY France, Melting Cup, Chill in the city… His huge strength is his ease and technique on the art of scratch.



DJ Lean Rock is one of the top bboy djs in the game. Lean Rock has been a b-boy for over 20 years and a DJ for 12. He goes the extra mile to dig for rare funky b-beats as well as producing tracks for dancers which have led him to gigs across the globe not to mention top battles including the Red Bull BC One, Battle of the Year, IBE, Freestyle Session, Silverback Open, Hip Opsession, World Bboy Classic, Outbreak and many more. Lean Rock carries on tradition to preserve both the b-boy and DJ elements of Hip Hop culture as well as bringing something new to the table



Originally from Lille, Maleek and his group Pression.I animate all the north of France since about fifteen years. Activist rapper, he puts the atmosphere in the south for the Battle Of The Year France for 10 years now!


phill one

Phil Fourmarier-Garfinkels known as’ Philone ‘or’ Fourmi ‘grew up with the Hip-Hop culture and after having had the opportunity to obtain material, Philone trained in the art of DJing to practice another discipline of Hip Hop Culture and then participated in the first disc project ‘Rap’ of Belgium ‘BRC Volume 1 ‘.Brussels Rap Convention becomes the reference of Rap ‘in French’ in Belgium and the group turns on the national level and even abroad until 1997.Being a true enthusiast of this Hip-Hop culture and even calling himself ‘The Hip-Hop Fanatic’,.His desire is to help, educate and convey the message of Hip-Hop culture and that’s how with Defi J, Chuck, Papis (RIP) and others, he decides, with the approval Afrika Bambaataa, set up in 1991 the ‘Chapter’ Belgian Universal Zulu Nation.



It’s just the voice of the Battle Of The Year ……. Let’s the Battle begin …..



With a wealth of experience and diversified talent, D-Stroy has the ability to bond with all audiences. He is a natural entertainer, with an extraordinary personality. In 2018, David kicked it off hosting his 4th SuperBowl.. Univision Network hired him to Write/Direct/Host his own comedic show, in which he would be nominated for “Best Host in a Comedy Web-Series” alongsideJerry Seinfeld and the late Joan Rivers. This year he completed 3 years as a sketch writer for SNL alumni, Amy Phoeler, along with garnering 2 nominations for “Best Actor” in 2 short films he co-wrote.