BOTY INTERNATIONAL NETWORK The wealth of experience accompanied with all the dispositives developped by BOTY International worldwide and Attitude (BOTY France and International Organizer) since 2007 in the region of Occitanie, the French Overseas Departments and with the return of the International Battle to France enables BOTY to use this expertise in the development of the International BOTY project. This program is translated by supporting the numerous operators in the development of content creation, through technical and artistic input both in Hip Hop and other cultural projects. It relies on the coming together of a unique network of dance and Hip Hop opertators and activists, all making up the organising team all around the world



program, with the organisation of a first training session from 20th to 30th mai in Buenos Aires. The program took place in the Recoleta Cultural Center and brought together 27 dancers and organisers from all over Spanish speaking Latin America, providing them with training in the field of creation, transmission and setting-up a cultural project.
The program continues through the second half 2019 for the celebrations of 14th July organised by the French ambassador to Buenos Aires. It will see the intervention of the choregrapher from Montpellier, Virgile Dagneux (Cie Virgule) accompanied by the argentine choreographer Edardo Mercado. The project will involve dancers of the May 2019 training scheme as well as ballet dancers from Théâtre San Martin of Buenos Aires. Prepartion will involve a 10 day residency training scheme, culminating in a one-off performance at the Théâtre San Martin of Buenos Aires on the 13 th July.
A third work session is programmed in November 2019 with the objective of creating a performance bringing together a part of the dancers who took part in the first two sessions.



Over a three year period since 2018, the associations Village Titan from Reunion Island and Hip Hop Evolution from Mayotte teamed-up to structure the development of Hip Hop in these two Overseas Departments. Supported by both the Reunion Island Prefecture and the DRJSCS, this structuring focuses on a strong inter regional communication link which has enabled collaboration with South Africa and Madagascar leading to actions favouring the exchange between youth of these different cultures.
Working with Battle Of The Year France and International, as well as enabling crews and Bboys from South Africa and Madagascar to partake in the International BOTY 2018, this structuring project has led to an even bigger project of structuring within the area, which will start at the beginning of 2019 and go on through to 2022.
2019 is dedicated to implementing of the collaborative steps between the operators from these four territories with the French Istitutes in both South Africa and Madagascar, with a view of forecasting the actions to be led form 2020 to 2022.



In 2018, the first actions were implemented with Jinjo crew and Montpellier festival « Corée D’ici ».
These actions enabled the crew to participate in BOTY as well as being a first creative collaboration with the French choreographer Braihim Bouchelaghem of Cie Zarbhat.
As a result of this first step, the organising of BOTY qualifying rounds in Korea was once again possible in 2019.
And once again, the Korean crew partaking in BOTY International, will work with this same choreographer after the event and will showcase its talents as a preamble to the festival « Corée D’ici » 2019.
A creative project between Jinjo crew / Festival Corée and will be complete for the 2020/2021 season.
The « Corée D’ici » festival will


Sénégal Sortie résidence

The Kay Feec Association from Dakar has been organising Battle Of The Year qualifications for the past 7 years and has developped a network of actors from West Africa.
In 2018, the winner of BOTY Senegal took part in the program « Hip Hop in the making » by participating in creative workshops in addition to their taking part in BOTY International.
The objective for 2019 is to start to implement a first training session in Dakar, which focuses on creativity and the transmitting of Hip Hop culture and sport.
This year once again, the winning crew of BOTY Senegal will participate in the program « Hip Hop in the making » from 22nd to 24th Novembre.


Photo Congo

Central African collaboration project was started by the world-reknowned B-Boy « Lilou », his « Street Off » Association from Lyon and in collaboration with Hip Hop actors of « Battle Keep On Breaking » from Cameroon, from Congo « One Bboy Battle » together with Bboy Waz and with B-Boy Junior.
In 2019, B-Boy Poxy from Cameroon took part in both « Hip Hop in the making » and BOTY International.
A qualifying project in the 1vs1 category to be held in Kinshassa on the 4t of august is currently in preparation in collaboration with le « One Boy Battle» Festival and the Fubu Danse Crew.
The aim of these first collaborations is to set-up a 2020/2022 program with all actors in perntership with various French Institutes of each country within the area.



2018 will be remembered for the return of an American crew to BOTY International, with the last American crew having taken part in 2011.
This return was made all the more possible by B-Boy Ronnie, who in 2019, will pass hands with B-Boy Moy from Houston who is currently developping an educational project with the mythical « Havikoro » crew.
The aim as set out by B-Boy Moy and BOTY Internantional is to establish a long-term collaboration with the event and to not just organise sustainable qualifications to BOTY International in the USA, but also to develop exchange between youth culture, creativity and other domains, thus aligning with the framework on international development started by BOTY in 2018.