Philosophy of "Battle Of The Year"

Every year we try to feature the best and most innovative B-Boy crews from all over the world. One of our goals is to make this event as international as possible. The Battle Of The Year is a platform for B-Boys and Hip Hop culture in general and an opportunity for all participants to express themselves in a peaceful and non-racist environment.

The BOTY is up to this day a non-profit event which is a merit of the honorary workers and sponsors that make this competition happen with their help. Since 1996 we try to integrate young and motivated people willing to take part in the planning and implementation process of the BOTY.

One example is the SWAT-posse from Berlin which is a constant component of the organisation team. Through their aspiration to work nationally they also got to know the WOSTOK MOB from Thüringen. And there are many others who are down since day one and did a lot to make all this happen.

The BOTY doesn't only support talented B-Boys but also gives the youth a chance to be creative and show their talents in other subjects like administration and organisation. Due to this we still try to guarantee best conditions for the dancers and the event as a whole including relatively low prices.

Though it is getting difficult to find adequate locations for this event that is growing every year we won't exclude nobody that wants to take part. But the number of participating crews as well as the future of the BOTY depends on our budget and sponsor contributions.

Institutions and companies need to realize that this event reflects juvenile culture and contributes to social understanding worldwide like few others do...