Basic rules for all BOTY eliminations & finals

For the year 2010 the following basic rules are fixed for all national german and international "Battle Of The Year" events.

The reason for fixing the rules is to make the worldwide BOTY series more equal and fair to all participating b-boy crews. It is an absolute task for our worldwide BOTY licence partners to take those rules very serious! 

The rules give a strict guideline and support for all local organisers,
help to develop the art of b-boying, dancing and performing in general,
make the BOTY events more interesting to the participating crowd.

The rules also will avoid discussions with participating b-boy crews complaining about fairness or other topics if the local organizer sticks to them seriously.

The rules were fixed by the demand of some of our national and international BOTY partners and of course by the demand of the international b-boying scene.


  • The 6 best crews are qualified for the battles. During the battles, the Bboys dance in turn, the figures acting as questions / answers. The 2 best teams are directly qualified for the semi finals, the other 4 compete in battles for the quarter finals (place 6 against place 3 and place 5 against place 4 of the standings).The winners of these ¼ finals face the two crews directly qualified in the semi finals. The final opposes the two winning crews of the finals.
  • crew ranking number 1 after the showround automatically wins the price for the best showcase  
  • the maximum length of the show is 6 minutes which will be very strictly adhered to in 2010
  • we prefer to have a maximum number of crewmembers of 8 persons per crew. The local BOTY organizers only have to pay the trip (flight, train, bus, car) for 8 persons of the winning crew. Extra members of the crew have to pay their trip to the BOTY World Finals on their own expanses, they also have to pay their local accommodation in Braunschweig/ Germany on their own expanses
  • only real crews are allowed to participate in the competition. Real crews means dancing, practising and performing together beside the BOTY
  • the individual dancers are only allowed to join one national or international elimination
  • involved members of the local BOTY organisations are not allowed to participate in the competition as a dancer

  • the jury should consist of 3 to 5 members, selected very carefully in close agreement with the BOTY Headoffice/ Germany. At least one member of the jury should be one of our BOTY judging team

Why a Judging System?

For most of the worldwide B-Boy and B-Girl Community the Battle of the Year is a unique and very important event. That’s why every decision made on this event has a big influence to the whole scene. The judges have a big responsibility. That’s why we were looking for equal rules of judging for every Battle of the Year event, to make the system of judging more transparent and understandable for everybody.

The following explanations will give you as an organiser, a judge or a dancer a guideline how to decide or participate at Battle of the Year events.

First of all a jury member has to be in a position to estimate a lot of different criteria. Of course not every jury member knows everything, but we claim to be open minded and willing to learn new things without forgetting the foundations. Open your eyes for developments and innovations in B-Boying.

The Battle of the Year has always been a B–Boying/Girling championship. B–Boying/Girling includes Toprock & Downrock with the sub-elements Uprock, Footwork, Legwork, Powermoves and Freezes. Other danceforms like Locking, Popping, House-Dance or even traditional elements from e.g. Capoeira or Salsa can be hosted in your show, and will have influence on the judging so far they are integrated in the whole performance in a self contained and sense full way. This means we don’t exclude Popping, Locking etc. but nobody is forced to integrate them into their performance. On What Criteria the Judges Have to Vote There are different criteria which will be voted from the judges.
For each criterion each judge has to give points from 1 to 10.
As more points the judges are giving to a crew as better the crew will stand in the ranking list. As usual the best 4 crews in the rankings will go for the final battles. During the battle there will be supplementary specific battle criteria to vote for the judges.

Show Criteria to Vote

"The state or fact of being synchronous or simultaneous"
How synchronised is the crew performing the show (if there are synchronised parts in it).

" Stagepresence
" The state or fact of being present; current existence or occurrence"
Is the crew performing in a way that doesn’t let you look at something else. Does the crew impress thru what they’re performing.

"Theme & Music
"A subject of artistic representation. The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre"
Like description of dictionary.

» "Choreography
"Something, such as a series of planned situations, likened to dance arrangements"
Does the whole show make sense.
Is there a concept which guides thru the show.

B-Boying Criteria to Vote


"" Footwork/Legwork

" "Freeze

" Powermove

 No explanation necessary.

Battle Criteria to Vote

» Response 
How does the crew/dancer react on what the opposite has given.

» Routines 
What kind of “Battle”- routines does the crew/dancer bring on stage.

» Strategy
 How the crew/dancer is planning and perform during the battle.

» Attitude
 What kind of mentality brings the crew/ dancer to the battle situation.
Is there any disrespecting acting which has not to do with the battle itself. It’s not about who is going nearer to the battle opponent or who is insulting more, but it’s about who is better in B-Boying/ Girling.

» Voluntary Touching
 No touching permitted!

What Are The Judges Looking At To Decide How To Vote The Different Criteria

Point of view concerning "knowledge":

 » "Vocabulary"
 A supply of expressive means; a repertoire of communication" 
How many different movements is the crew/dancer able to do.

 » <strong">Innovation"

The act of introducing something new"
What makes the crew something special, different to the others.

 » "Foundation"

 The act of founding, especially the establishment of an institution with provisions for future maintenance. The basis on which a thing stands, is founded, or is supported"
How many of the basic movements, that have been evolved in the beginning of this dance, is the crew/dancer able to do.


A general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrences. Something formed in the mind; a thought or notion"
Do the things which the crew/ dancer is doing work together, does it makes sense. Is there a clear idea or a message in what the crew/ dancer is showing.

Point of view concerning "execution":

 » "Control"
Authority or ability to manage or direct"
How clean and perfect is the crew/dancer able to do the movements.
It’s not about hitting the floor and destroying the body.

The act of expressing, conveying, or representing in words, art, music, or movement; a manifestation"
How does the crew/dancer show his/its feelings. Does the crew/dancer communicate with the crowd thru the movements and the interpretation of the music.


» "Aesthetics
<"/strong>A guiding principle in matters of artistic beauty and taste; artistic sensibility"
How good looks what the crew/dancer is doing. Does it fits to the b-boy formula.

 » "Rhythm"
 Movement or variation characterized by the regular recurrence or alternation of different quantities or conditions"
Does the crew/ dancer move to the rhythm.

» "Difficulty
"The condition or quality of being difficult"
How difficult is what the crew/ dancer is doing.

Change of Direction

Here are some basics behind the idea:

"Hip Hop is a participating artform"

"the attending crowd should be integrated in an interactive and participating way into the BOTY events (eg. through b-boy circles, discussions, added club events, etc)"

"for the future the participating b-boy crews and the attending crowd should be focussed more on the interactive component of the event than the competitive part"

"B-Boying is considered to be a dance and not an "extreme sport""

the BOTY wants to take more responsibility for the skills & future of the b-boys/girls, showing them more/new opportunities, eg. proffessional performances in the fields of theater and contemporary dance  

After having decided that the "Battle of the Year" will continue it also has been decided that something has to be changed in general as it already was predicted in the year 2000.

The new "Battle of the Year" format get´s a subline which will appear as a baseline to the existing logo. The subline is: "A Change Of Direction"

The public clearly shall understand that the BOTY from now on will be taken into domains that is has not dealt with before. The importance of evolution beyond the confines of the competition will be underlined, reaching out of hip hop community towards the cultural and professional world of dance in general.

The BOTY wishes to give all participants and winners a real chance for a future in dance, which has been impossible until today, due to the fact that the BOTY is not recognised officially by dance companies and institutions outside of hip hop community. They will not make the effort to come to us, so we have to "de-ghettoise" ourselves and reach out to make them understand how far our culture has come, and its importance to the youth worldwide as a real means of expressions, communication, and of fun and entertainment.

In the years 2001 and 2002 the BOTY included major conferences on many aspects of dancing within or without our hip hop culture, which means of course having to make parallels with the other disciplines of hip hop.

In the year 2002 there also was a conference at the german national finals and our aim for the future is to expand the conferences on our international eliminations. More than 600 people attended and participated in our conferences. Internationally known speakers like Storm, Mode 2, Break-DJ-Leacy, Wicket, Crazy, Toni L and many more were integrated.

In the year 2003 again there were different activities including warm up parties, after show parties, room for discussions and international exchange and of course the BOTY 2003 "a change of direction ..." conference. One of the main topics was the introduction of the new judging system, background and reasons for it.

The public and the readers shall feel free to give personal input about changing or adding new/other topics and thoughts by making use of the "a change of direction" - forum on this website.

Dirk Corell, Thomas Hergenröther, Mode 2, Niels "Storm" Robitzky